A Feast of Words: The brass tacks

mucha-salome3x a year, invited participants are encouraged to imbibe, or read, sample texts that exemplify a specific craft issue and digest, or deconstruct, the text for literary debate and analysis. Participants then employ discussed techniques to their own writing.

For example: January 1, an exemplary short text (1-7 pp) is sent out with a specified craft issue. Participants will be expected to read and critically analyse the text and post their critique on-line by February 28. Then, each participant has two months to compose their own piece, inspired by the sample, and explain their methodology of implementing the sample work into their own. At the end of April, participants post their inspired piece & methodology and discussion ensues. Sequence cycles over again. Game? Enter the drawing room and apply for participation.

Feast of Words 2009 Schedule:


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