The Feast of Words Spring/Summer 2009 has just begun!

And salon member, Ammon Torrance, has taken the first bite:

So, I’ve read this now twice and I love it as a short story. No sense in trying to say why, I guess, because I’ve driven myself crazy thinking about what makes a short story and what makes a short story good…

click here to read more of his opening comments

Now its your turn! Dig in:

Read Ann Cummins story, “Animus”, from Swink (2007) and post responses in comments section below by May 30, 2009.

Swink | Fiction | Ann Cummins – “Animus” 2007

Note in your comments:

1. How does Cummins challenge our mental and imaginary agility?

2. What breadcrumbs of clues does she leave for readers to propel us forward?

3. Where are the moments that build suspense and how do they raise our expectations?

4. Your own thoughts and reactions to the story?

Come join the feast!


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