Writer as Traveler, Writer as Pilgrim II: on “Writing Landscape”

From Rachelle Cruz’s blog, Racruzzo, “Writing Landscape” posted July 10, 2009:

As I write poems for my Aswang project, I think about landscape. About the cities and provinces in the Philippines I visited once. Maybe not often enough to write about? St. Louis, where the 1904 World’s Fair took place (I’m stealing some of the imagery, politics, etc. to create my own twisted Fair.) A city I’ve never visited.

How to make these cities real and intimate for the reader? And for me, the writer? This goes back to the question of creating a world and manipulating it as a character who will have a leading role. Read more…

Cruz’s timing is perfect, and her post provides a prime lens for a literary pilgrimage recently taken to Munich & London.

Marienplatz, Munich

Casting Bavaria as a single character, the first form that comes to mind is a wizened old man with hoary vision.

Grain in Fore with Bavarian Alps in the BackThe elements, wind, water, trees, and stone, claim the Bavarian Alps as their throne.

Water Fountain at Trafalgar Square

And London, a Grand Monarch, raises a stern brow, beckoning you with wrinkled giantess finger. Her nostrils so wide, she can breathe you in whole. “Explain yourself!” she demands. We can’t help but quiver in her presence.


More on the Munich & London literary pilgrimage will be forthcoming here and can also be found at:

Salonniere Alexis.


  1. Wow, powerful photographs, and I think the captions have really characterized them well. Look forward to reading more!


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