“I know the world is made of atoms, but its also made of stories”: Eduardo Galeano on Terrance McNally’s Free Forum

Eduardo Galeano with Democracy Now’s Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman.

A favorite radio program from Los Angeles’ Pacifica’s KPFK, Terrance McNally’s Free Forum featured writer Eduardo Galeano on 8/11/09:

Eduardo Galeano on Terrence McNally\’s Free Forum

They spoke of his Galeano’s latest book, Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone, published by Nation Books, and Galeano illuminates us:

I hate definitions..something like a bar code… In our world, in our times, there’s this obsession of classifying people…perhaps its not so innocent.

For the frontiers between literary genres is hateful.

Books write me. They begin growing inside…

I know the world is made of atoms, but its also made of stories.

For more on Galeano and his recent reading in Berkeley, check out Barbara Jane Reyes’ excellent posts. To listen to the rest of McNally’s interview with Galeano.

McNally also included an interview with Rick Steve on his book, Travel as a Political Act, which undoubtedly deserves mention and is worth checking out, too!


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