Margaret Drabble’s Writer’s Life: “It went wrong, as writers’ plans so often do.”

From The Washington Post’s published Sunday, September 20, 2009, “One Thing Leads to Another”

…My controlling metaphor in the book [The Pattern in the Carpet] is the jigsaw puzzle, as it was for Perec, but I note that I have also invoked (as he does not) metaphors drawn from the half-arts (as Goethe called them) of needlework and crafts. Writing and stitching have something in common, to me, and this is not because I am a good needlewoman (I am not) but because the patient assembling and incremental growth of a piece of text, as of a piece of tapestry, offer similar satisfactions. Writing offers terrors that stitching mercifully lacks: hopeless failure, self-disgust, existential despair. You don’t suffer those emotions when working on a needlepoint cushion… Read more

Photo from The Guardian


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