Rio Liang Reviews Masterpiece Theatre’s 2007 adaptation of Northanger Abbey

I rather thought it was poorly adapted, unimpressively written, compared to, say, the electrically inspired MT Classic’s retelling of Wuthering Heights (which was daring and successfully so).

Too much was spelled out, and I rather thought it odd to place Thorpe’s misinforming the General of Catherine’s fortune midway through the film. That was such a great funny reveal in the end of the book, and was rendered moot in the adaptation (a “duh” moment is incited in the end of the film as a result). I loved the lightheartedness of the novel, the great parodying, the vibrant language. Here, unfortunately the visual is, by fault of the screenwriter/director, of no comparison to the written. But in any case, it’s always nice to see characters you enjoyed reading about become “real” on the screen.


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  1. Mark your calendars for “Emma” coming up at the end of January through February (no pun intended)! I haven’t read this, or supposedly read this one since college. I’ve a copy moldering on my bookshelf. May have to dust it off and re-read before the premiere.

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