The Beginning of Immersive Interactive Experience: Myst

by Roz Foster | a Ruelle Electrique Reprint

286forREbIn 1984, when I was twelve and my dad bought us an IBM 286 (Zowie!), I was a little peeved that he refused to get us an accompanying game to play on it.  Clearly bored to death, I got curious about some BASIC and BASICA programming language tutorials that were strewn about near that big, pale, beige pile of plastic and glass.  With them, I got the whirring beast to do some neat color tricks and to generate an oddly fulfilling cascade of repeating text.  But that kind of kid/computer interaction couldn’t really compete with Zork’s interactive text-based knife fight with a thief….

So, I went back to reading for fun—even majored in Lit.

The next time I was truly dazzled by a video game was a decade later in 1994.  The 286 (which I’d taken with me to college—yes, the computer really did last ten years) didn’t have a CD-ROM drive.  It couldn’t handle Mosaic or Netscape Navigator.  My copy of Wordstar (word processing software) didn’t even have italics!  (Guffaw.)  Seriously, my computer might as well have been constructed with squirrel bones and wood.

It was at this low moment in my digital life that fate intervened…. Read more.

This was a Ruelle Electrique Reprint and was originally published at Glopilot.


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