The Real Writing Deal

Once in a while a true blue account of a writer’s life springs forth from the jetsam. Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor pointed the salon to this unvarnished tell-all of a scribe’s lot from The Los Angeles Times, “A Writing Career Becomes Harder to Scale” by Dani Shapiro, who speaks nothing but the truth and the whole truth. Amen.


…As far as I can tell, the decisive factor is what I call endurability: that is, the ability to deal effectively with uncertainty, rejection, and disappointment, from within as well as from without.

The writer’s apprenticeship — or perhaps, the writer’s lot — is this miserable trifecta: uncertainty, rejection, disappointment. In the 20 years that I’ve been publishing books, I have fared better than most. I sold my first novel while still in graduate school and published six more books, pretty much one every three years, like clockwork. I have made my living as a writer, living off my advances while supplementing my income by teaching and writing for newspapers and magazines.

…The emphasis is on publishing, not on creating. On being a writer, not on writing itself…

Read entire LA Times article


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