Building Character through Phobias has compiled an essential alphabetical listing of phobias that should be in every writer’s tool box in their article “Phobias from A to Z.”

Here’s a few of their entries:

ablutophobia: fear of bathing
acarophobia: … itching
acerophobia: … sourness
achluophobia: … darkness
acousticophobia: … noise
acrophobia: … heights
aerophobia: … drafts, air
agliophobia: … pain
agoraphobia: … open spaces
agrizoophobia: … wild animals
agyrophobia: … crossing the street
aichmophobia: … needles and other pointed objects
ailurophobia: … cats
albuminurophobia:.. .kidney disease
alektorophobia: … chickens
alliumphobia: … garlic

zelophobia: … jealousy
zemmiphobia: … the great mole rat
zeusophobia: … God or gods
zoophobia: … animals,0.jpg
Read entire article here


  1. Haha, cool! As a peanut butter aficionado, it’s nice to finally be able to put a name to one of my fears: “arachibutyrophobia,” haha. (Now, if only I could pronounce it). I also like “symbolophobia” and “scriptophobia.” Though I wonder if there’s a word for “fear of scriptophiles” or “fear of writer exhibitionists on their laptops at Starbucks,” haha. (I hate only because I’m one of them).

  2. Hey Rio! The list is a lot of fun though doesn’t help if you’re a hypochondriac, like me.

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