“Crown of Dust” by Mary Volmer to be released November 2010

From SoHo Press

November 2010 | Fiction


The Gold Rush has taken hold of the Wild West. Pioneers from around the country congregate in makeshift settlements like Motherlode in hopes of striking it rich. It’s here that Alex, disguised as a boy and on the run from her past, is able to blend in among the rough and tumble prospectors living on little more than adrenaline and moonshine.

Emaline, the formidable proprietor of the Wayside Inn, provides food, drink and other forms of bodily comfort for the men who pass through. She knows there’s something different about Alex, the shy, slight boy who doesn’t talk much. For some reason, Emaline likes him, which is crucial for survival in Motherlode. It’s here, in this lawless outpost, that Alex is finally able to find friendship, love and even redemption. But once she strikes gold, buried secrets are revealed and danger surrounds her.

About the Author:

Mary Volmer was born in Grass Valley, California and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received a BA from Saint Mary’s College, California, before completing a Masters degree at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth as a Rotary Scholar. She is currently the Agnes Butler Scholar at Saint Mary’s College where she is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and lecturing in English/Composition. This is her first novel.


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