Before Publication, Searching for Representation: Emily Bruenig shares some insight on the agent-obtaining process

Are you about to summit that impossible mountain of completing a manuscript and wondering what comes next? Writer and college professor Emily Breunig has the skinny on how to prep for publication. She shares some brass tacks on the agent-obtaining process, which she says can be just as rewarding as writing:

I’m using the time to dive full-on into researching the agent-obtaining process, and I’m learning a LOT. Three hours a day on some aspect of this or my manuscript is my goal (best piece of advice I got from Julie Orringer, and probably one of the best from grad school in general), and usually after that, my brain starts to shut down.

I’ve started to identify all sorts of interesting networking opportunities, though. I’ll be taking a day class over at Stanford with a husband/wife agent/editor team, and it looks like there are some half-day things with agents tacked on to the SF Writers’ Conference in February that don’t involve paying $700 to attend. And I absolutely love agent/editor bloggers. It’s amazing how quickly apparent two things have become:

1.     This getting published thing is a process that demands a lot of time and dedication outside of writing, and I’ve never done that until now.

2.     It’s a daunting task, but ultimately an achievable one.

3.     I am a much happier, more fulfilled person while working on a task that is both in my chosen field and a true challenge.

Bruenig highly suggests adding The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published to your library, which is full of practical advice. Are you currently seeking representation or secured an agent? Have any pearls of wisdom to share? We’d love to hear your experience.

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