The Poetry Post: New poem by Mike Sikkema and three upcoming events with poets Barbara Jane Reyes, Claire Becker and Tiffany Higgins
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Claire Becker be giving two poetry readings on Thursday, March 24, 2011 for The Poetry Center at San Francisco State. Please consider attending. Details below; both readings are free.

Thursday MAR 24: Jennifer Martenson (Providence, RI) and Claire Becker (San Francisco)

3:30 pm @ the Poetry Center, Humanities Building, Rm. 512, SFSU

1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132

7:30 pm @ The Green Arcade Bookstore

1680 Market St. (at Gough), San Francisco, CA 94102




Tiffany Higgins will be reading at Diesel Books March 20, Sunday, at 3 p.m. with Fred Marchant and Dan Bellm.

Fred Marchant and Tiffany Higgins have gotten to know one another at various literary conferences in the past couple years. He served during the Vietnam War and was one of the first marine officers ever to be honorably discharged as a conscientious objector. He is a genuinely sensitive individual, as seen in his poems. Higgins is honored to be reading with him and his friend Dan Bellm. Dan Bellm lives in San Francisco, and his third book of poems “takes as its starting point the Jewish practice of studying weekly portions of the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, in an annual cycle.”

As usual, Higgins will do a kind of mixed genre presentation, mixing song with poetry and trying to surprise you! I’ll read from my book of poems, and Aeneas stares into her helmet (Carolina Wren Press 2009), whose context is how we experience our distant wars in the Middle East from our vantage point here at home. It’s about the ancient themes of struggle and love. She’ll also read from my new manuscript of work that relates to the documentary I’m cowriting with Moises Nascimento, Duas Americas.


Read more on Fred, Dan, and me at the Diesel Bookstore link:


Diesel, A Bookstore Oakland

5433 College Ave

Oakland, California


Last but certainly not least, check out new work by fellow SMC MFA’er poet Mike Sikkema from White Print Inc., “publishing emerging and established poetry from Detroit and beyond.”

Here’s a taste:

from Lake Effects

Mike Sikkema

At the pipe line one fake gun

is safer than any others.

Clear so cold.

Read entire work here.


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