Cruzando Fronteras / Crossing Borders: Saturday, May 21, 4:15pm & A new short story published by Tony Robles from Vice Versa

Cruzando Fronteras / Crossing Borders
Poesía contemporánea del Área de la Bahía de San Francisco
Contemporary Poetry in Spanish from the SF Bay Area
(possibly with projected supertitles in English)

first in a series of readings

Saturday, May 21, 2011
4:15 pm
Koret Auditorium
San Francisco Main Public Library


Reina del Prado
Lourdes Figueroa
Edwin Agustín Lozada
Alejandro Murguía
Vicki Vértiz
Norman Zelaya

presented by
The International Center of the SF Main Library
Carayan Press


Tony Robles’ work is again featured at Vice Versa. Here’s an excerpt of the piece, “Scales”:

“Scales” by Tony Robles

When I was a kid I was told that I could read the story of my people in the scales of a fish. I would go to the fish markets in Chinatown and in my neighborhood with Grandma. The trees lining the sidewalks swayed and seemed to bow—her colorful kerchief prompting a sort of recognition and respect. Grandma knew a fish by its eyes. In its eyes you can see your grandmother and grandfather. Grandma wore big dark sunglasses as she navigated past dry cleaners, florists, pastry shops, restaurants, and barber shops; the faces inside the windows offering a smile, wave, or nod of acknowledgment. Sometimes they’d come outside. “Is that your grandson?” they’d ask. “He’s so big now.” I didn’t recognize some of the faces, but they knew me. Then they’d speak Filipino and laugh in Filipino too.

Read entire piece here.


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