New work from Allison Landa on “Prick of the Spindle Vol. 5.2”

Have a go at the latest non-fiction from Allison Landa on Prick of the Spindle’s latest issue, Volume 5.2

Excerpt from The Bearded Lady
By Allison Landa

Prologue: 2003

When anger is your first language, it can be hard to speak.

That’s why I hesitate to telephone my mother, even though her house may be destroyed. Instead I watch the television news: The Cedar Fire is tearing through San Diego County, jumping freeways and blackening skies. More than sixty thousand acres have burned. The entire town of Cuyamaca, where I went to sixth-grade camp, is obliterated. All commercial air traffic is shut down. From up in the Bay Area, I picture the entire city as a gilded, flaming trap.

She’s fine. She has to be. There are multiple deaths reported, but my mother always lands on her feet. It’s the same odd luck that lets her talk her way into jobs she isn’t qualified to hold, convince the mechanic to change her tire at a discount because her credit card is close to the limit. My mother the feline trickster, the fleet one on little cat feet.

Read entire piece here.


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