Writer as Traveler

UK Literary Pilgrimage 2011

By Your Salonniere

Globe-trotting writers should plan to wake in the early hours every morning, but she should be allowed to slip every now and again, particularly after a late evening out or an exceptionally over-stimulating day. Guilt shouldn’t weigh down the voyager during her travels, if she sticks to her writing regimen five to six days out of the week. The aim is have goals but remain flexible.

More suggestions for the writing pilgrim:

  • Consider taking a walk before getting started to settle into the act and to have your senses opened to your surroundings, training yourself to be more observant every moment.
  • Have a particular project in mind and deadlines on completing that project step-by-step.
  • Create a project to compose specifically for the trip: daily musings, a photo essay, a travel essay, linked short shorts, character and place sketches, love letters to home or to the city and sites you’re visiting are easy ways to get in the writerly mood.
  • Keep a journal always at your side.
  • If you can get paid for work that you do based on your travel, you can write it off, even if its one dollar. Think about how you might be angle your trip to get IRS working for you.

Learn more about the UK & Ireland Literary Pilgrimage 2011 with the post on London at Salonniere Alexis.

What strategies do you use to keep the fingers moving and the words flowing on your expeditions?

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