Spotlight: “9 Thoughts on Being a Videogame Journalist” by Peter Tieryas Liu

by Rio Liang

Writing about video games like The Legend of Zelda might sound like a dream job chock full of fun. But as Peter Tieryas Liu writes in his essay, “9 Thoughts on Being a Videogame Journalist,” journalistic standards still apply.

In his article, which he wrote as part of PANK Magazine‘s “This Modern Writer” series, Liu ruminates on just what writing about video games entails. He tackles issues such as one’s target audience, the dead end of comparing games with one another, and the importance of fact checking and being mindful of the effectiveness of language. He also shows how passion and the quest to capture or share the nostalgia and wonderment of the gaming experience are at the core of it all.

Liu’s article will hopefully provide insights into the art of covering video games, and perhaps even inspire video game lovers to make the leap toward becoming themselves video game journalists.

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