Tell me about the last person you kissed; or getting to know your characters, every hurt, flaw, and mistake

By Your Salonniere

Found on Tumblr by heroineoftheperipheral, these questions seem like excellent ways to know your characters better. Perhaps the responses could be the perfect introduction to your story, or a segue into the scene where protagonist meets antagonist. The possibilities are limitless. Have a go at this exercise and see what you come up with:

The same tumblrer also posted the below little gem, which is one hell of a story starter. Anytime you fall out of love with one of your characters turn to this, and you should get the flame roaring again. Think about how to spin each of the affirmatives into scenes, memories, love letters, emails, texts, phone calls, fights, make-up sessions, and dreams or nightmares for your protagonists. Have fun and let us know how it worked out.
Many thanks to heroineoftheperipheral, aka Sydney, for what turned out to be brilliant exercises on character. Have any to add of your own? Try your hand at some and pass on some of your brilliance, if you dare.

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