The Worse It Gets the Better the Story: A Character’s Bio

By Your Salonniere

Cleaning out old files, this “Character Biography” worksheet surfaced. Its basic but gets to the heart of what makes a good story. So long as conditions keep worsening, the more your characters are tested, the hotter the fire their feet are over, the better your readers’ interest. Try for yourself.


  1. Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Height:
  4. Weight:
  5. Birthdate:
  6. Birthplace:
  7. Hair color:
  8. Eye color:
  9. Scars of handicaps:
  10. Sense of humor?
  11. Educational Background:
  12. Work experience:
  13. Best friends:
  14. Men/women friends:
  15. Enemies and why:
  16. Parents:
  17. Present Problem:
  18. How will it get worse?:
  19. Strongest and weakest character traits:
  20. Sees self as:
  21. Is seen by others as:
  22. Basic nature:
  23. Ambitions:
  24. Philosophy of life:
  25. Hobbies:
  26. Kind of music, art, reading material preferred:
  27. Style of dress:
  28. Favorite colors:
  29. Past-times & hobbies:
  30. What kind of a home is this character from (physical, mental, and emotional atmosphere):
  31. What is the most important thing to know about your character?:
  32. A one-line characterization:
  33. What trait will make this character come alive?:
  34. Why is this character worth writing about?:
  35. Why he or she is different from other similar characters:
  36. Do I dislike the character and why?
  37. Will my readers like or dislike the character for the same reason?:
  38. Why will this character be remembered?:

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