Must See BBC Part Deux

By Your Salonniere

Can’t get enough of British Television? At the request of a friend, here’s a list to get your Anglophilia on.

*Since the day of posting, an (I) means the show is available on Netflix Instant.


Black Books – Hands down one of the funniest shows ever, and I’m not ashamed to say Bernard Black is my hero (I).

The Young Visiters – A masterpiece classic based on a novel written by a young girl, and quite a sophisticated romance to boot.

IT Crowd – Modern comedy for the thoroughly modern viewer (I).

Shameless – All in the title, a comic-tragedy about a Mancunian family with a dad who puts Homer Simpson to shame (I).


Small Island – Andrea Levy’s hilariously sad and sadly funny WWII saga. Read the book first or regret it!

The Way We Live Now – Trollope seemed to have an eye on our future (I).

The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton – A curiously funny biopic of Martha Stewart’s predecessor.


State of Play – An irresistible thriller with an irresistible cast including Bill Nighy, Kelly MacDonald, Benedict Wong, and James MacAvoy.

Page Eight – Another irresistible thriller with another irresistible cast: Bill Nighy, Rachel Weisz, and Judy Davis.

Wallander – The original Swedish version isn’t nearly as posh and polished as this British knockoff, and who knew Oslo was so sunny?

Mystery of Edwin Drood – Dicken’s unfinished novel.

The Shadow in the North– Another Sally Lockhart story from Neil Gaiman’s trilogy.

Spooks or MI5 – Saving the best for last, hands down, ultimate favorite suspense series (I).

There’s titles missing of course, so let us know. And check out the first listing of must see BBC “Jane Austen as the Gateway Drug”


  1. Thanks Rio! One can’t talk about Brit TV without mentioning the great Dr. That would be madness. Can’t wait for the next season and the new assistant. What’s next?

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