12 January, 5-7pm, Hazel Reading Series: A First Reading for 2014

With many thanks to writer and friend Allison Landa, your salonniere will be sharing work at the Hazel Reading Series taking place this coming Sunday 12 January, 5-7pm, 1564 Market Street, San Francisco. Hope you and yours will be able to join us.

Please share widely with friends, students, and lovers of lit.

http://hazelreadingseries.org/Sunday, January 12th, 2014
5 to 7 pm
1564 Market St.
San Francisco, CA

Confirmed Readers:

  • Rashaan Alexis Meneses invited by Allison Landa
  • Sarah Frisch invited by Miriam Bird Greenberg
  • Sophie Elkin invited by Olivia Hoffman
  • Carolyn Cooke invited by Ahmunet Jessica Jordan
  • Monique Wentzel invited by Lydia Fitzpatrick David
  • Ginu Kamani guest reader of the Hazel Reading Series

Born two years ago in the living room of founder and graphic designer Erica Eller The Hazel Reading Series as described on their website:

Hazel is a Bay Area reading series in which all of the readers are women writers. Every reader invites another writer whose work they admire to read in the following series. We find that this pattern of organization creates a sense of lineage and a diverse and unpredictable group of readers for each program. In addition to the lineages formed by Hazel invitees, we also invite one notable guest writer to read at each event.

We keep the readings interesting by asking each of the writers to choose to read work in any genre that represents an experimental aspect of their writing. We hope that the writers who take part in Hazel enter into a forum where they feel comfortable taking risks.

Our goal with Hazel is to foster community, support diversity, aid experimentation, and provide an opportunity for women and women-identified writers of the San Francisco Bay Area to network.  We hope to cultivate a space for inclusion and to recognize that women’s voices come in a myriad of forms. Women’s self-representation is a central theme of the series.

Please share widely and consider coming out for some stellar writing!


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