Flash Fiction Forum @ The WORKS/SJ Gallery 12 March 2014

Mark your calendars for fellow writers Allison Landa and Emily Breunig both reading at this stellar March event.

WHAT: Flash Fiction Forum! (a bimonthly curated reading series)

WHERE: The WORKS/SJ Gallery, 365 S. Market St. in downtown San Jose (in the same building as the Convention Center parking lot). Parking is about $3/hour.

WHEN: This time, March 12th. Generally, the second Wednesday of the month from 7 to about 8:30 PM.

HOW MUCH: Although the event is free, beer and wine are available for sale to help WORKS with expenses and they also ask a donation of $2 for those who are able.

WHO: As of today, 3/4, it’ll be these beautiful people:

1. Jan Berkeley “Double Fantasy”

2. Donelle McGee, “Homecoming”

3. Jessica Barksdale Inclan, “He Grabbed Me” published in KneeJerk magazine, Oct., 2013

4. Celia Stahr, “Detroit: Independence Day, 1932” is drawn from a larger work in progress, Frida Kahlo in America: A Mexican Artist’s Cross-Cultural Journey Into the Unknown

5. Emily Breunig, “For the Children,” an excerpt from her novel, A Ghost at the Edge of the Sea

6. Victoria M. Johnson, “Thirteen Things to Do on Friday the 13th”


7. Marilyn Fahey, “Last Letter”

8. Allison Landa “Creation”

9. Leslie Hoffman, “Cecile Street”

10. Renee Schell “Suburban Fantasy”

All are welcome! Hope to see you there.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 10.39.23 AM


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