Rabbit Fool Press Launches “Completely Mixed Up”


Your salonniere is honored and proud to be one of the contributors to Rabbit Fool PressCompletely Mixed Up, an anthology featuring 70 Hapa contributors with other 150 works of literature, performance, visual art, and photography. Peep out the press release below.

Professors who are interested in adopting this book for courses in the fall and beyond are encouraged to contact anton@rabbitfoolpress.com for more info, or pass along this email address to your university bookstore.

Please spread the word and consider picking up a copy for yourself! Available here.



Ethelyn Abellanosa, artist and writer
Neil Aitken, award-winning poet
Kevin Minh Allen, poet
James Lawrence Ardeña, artist and poet
Sandy Sue Benitez, poet
Tamiko Beyer, poet
Sumiko Braun, poet, filmmaker, performer
Leilani Chan, award-winning performer and playwright
Tricia Collins, actor and screenwriter
Wei Ming Dariotis, professor and poet
Melinda Luisa de Jesús, professor
Alison M. De La Cruz, performer and writer
Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz, poet and lawyer
Lance Dougherty, poet
Andrea Duke, poet
Dr. Angela “El Dia” Martinez Dy, poet, writer, educator
Hillary LP Eason, writer
Sesshu Foster, award-winning writer
Margaret Gallagher, CBC radio personality and writer
Shamala Gallagher, writer
John Endo Greenaway, photographer and taiko performer
Hazel H. Hill, poet
Jason Kanjiro Howard, filmmaker
Catherine Irwin, poet
Michelle Tang Jackson, writer and performer
Sherlyn Jimenez, writer and poet
Dr. Peter Nien-chu Kiang, award-winning professor and poet
Daniel Takeshi Krause, writer
Noemi LaMotte Serrano, writer
Claire Light, writer
Marjorie Light, spoken word artist and DJ
Cassandra Love, award-winning poet
Pia Massie, award-winning multimedia artist
Kelty Miyoshi McKinnon, landscape architect and artist
Trina Mendiola Estanislao, poet and teacher
Rashaan Alexis Meneses, award-winning writer
Dorian Sanae Merina, award-winning poet, journalist, and educator
Shyamala Moorty, award-winning dancer and performer
Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, professor, psychologist, and writer
Mark Nakada, writer and teacher
Lynda Nakashima, visual artist
Victoria Namkung, journalist, novelist, consultant
Debora O, writer and educator
Genevieve Erin O’Brien, award-winning performer and educator
Haruko Okano, interdisciplinary artist
Matthew Olzmann, award-winning poet
Giovanni Ortega, award-winning poet, performer, and playwright
Taro O’Sullivan, writer and journalist
Tony Osumi, poet, artist, and teacher
Stevii Paden, poet
Sandra Mizumoto Posey, professor, poet, and performer
Amal Rana, poet and educator
Mia Riverton, award-winning actress, writer, and producer
Tony Robles, poet
Freedom Allah Siyam, poet, educator, and organizer
Genaro Ky Ly Smith, award-winning writer
Michael Tora Speier, multimedia artist
Sebastian Speier, artist and graphic designer
Jeff Chiba Stearns, award-winning filmmaker, animator, and illustrator
Jason Sublette, writer and professor
Claire Tran, poet, lyricist, and dramatic writer
Julie Thi Underhill, photographer, filmmaker, writer, and performer
Alberto Vajrabukka, poet and performer
Lisa Valencia-Svensson, award-winning filmmaker and poet
Kieu Linh Caroline Valverde, professor and writer
Jane Voodikon, writer
Fred Wah, award-winning writer and poet
Chloe Worrall-Yu, writer and artist
Mylo Worrall-Yu, writer and artist
Anthony Yuen, writer

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