We are always renovating the salon. If you’d like to suggest a topic of interest or contribute to any of the below, please contact the Salonniere.

Feast of Words- 3x a year, invited participants are encouraged to imbibe, or read, sample texts that exemplify a specific craft issue and digest, or deconstruct, the text for literary debate and analysis. Participants then employ discussed techniques to their own writing.

In the Flesh- reportage on readings and author/literary events.

Literary Lexicon- a working dictionary of craft terms.

Little Debauches- exercises designed to keep the writing muscles agile.

Masters & Doyennes- delectable samplings from the greats.

Other Bohemian Activities– ‘off topic’ musings to inspire and inform literary creations.

Rare & Endangered Species- a photo archive of independent booksellers in their natural habitats.

Salon Members- brief bios of regular contributors & authors.

Tête-à-Tête- Salon Members and guests post burning questions and responses on the myraid of literary thorns at our side.

Toast of the Day- Favorite cocktail recipes from favored scribes.

Blueprints for future additional rooms:

Haunts– photo gallery of favorite writing & reading spots throughout the world

Personal Libraries- photo essays of writers’ personal libraries.


We’d love to hear them.


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