Are you ready for LitQuake 2014?

Another year, another chance for the literary raucousness that is LitQuake.

SMC MFA Lit Crawl 2014


Your salonniere has been tapped by SMC MFA to read along with fellow alumni Joshua Braff (fiction), Lily Brown (poetry), Robert Andrew Perez (poetry), and Susan Sasson (n0n-fiction), 6-7pm, Saturday, 18 October @ Bay Blend Coffee & Tea, 1905 Mission Street, SF.

Please spread the word and hope to see you there!

Excerpt from “Inciting the Global Imagination”

Looking for Lewis in Oxford

Your salonniere got the chance to present ideas on transnationalism, diaspora and the craft of writing global fiction at two academic conferences in Oxford, UK and Lisbon, Portugal, which you can read from the original post “Inciting the Global Imagination in Oxford & Lisbon”.


the two conferences couldn’t have been more different. The first one was small and intimate. Forty attendees maximum aside from the two organizers, everyone present sat on a panel, so attendance was expected through the duration of the conference. Conversely, at the New University of Lisbon, I never got a hold of how many attendees were present because people were always coming and going. Half of the presentations were in Portuguese, so panel attendance was uneven depending on which language was spoken.

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Excerpt from The Virtual Blog Tour

From the post “Tagged and Tagging on the Virtual Blog Tour”

defined by Vince Gotera below (borrowed from BJR’s post):

The “virtual blog tour” is an excellent, friendly way for writers, artists, and other creative folks to bring attention to their own work as well as that of others. It begins with an invitation from another artist or writer. Then in your blog you acknowledge the person who invited you, answer four given questions about your work and your process, and then invite three other people to participate. These people then do the same thing, referring their blog readers to the blogs of three more people, and so on. It’s a wonderful sort of “pyramid scheme” that’s beneficial for everyone: the artists and writers as well as the readers of their blogs. We can follow links from blog to blog and then we can all learn about different kinds of creative process and also find new writers and artists we may not have known about before.

3. Why do you write/create what you do?

Its the best and only way I know how to live.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

I try to read, watch, and eavesdrop as widely and attentively as possible and am inspired by labour and geography.


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Diane Glancy, “Migration and Stasis” from the collection of essays “In-Between Places” (University of Arizona Press, 2005)

The art of the story is the generative force of storytelling, a need that is everywhere, like air. An old word for breath is the voice as it tells the story.

The story is a process of an irresolvable need to tell, irresolvable other than in the telling and telling of stories.

Stories are old gatherers collecting twigs for cave fires. They ignite from one another. They burn in many ways (88).