Fuentes, Carlos “On Mexican Time” A New Time for Mexico (Farrar, Straus, Giroux 1996)

In any case, voyage and narrative are twins because both signify a displacement, an abandonment of the place, the plaza, a farewell to the common place and a plunge into the territories of risk, adventure, discovery, the unusual. Voyage and narrative are surely all of this, yet, finally they are simply voices telling us that the world is ours but that world is alien. How shall we explore it, how shall we make it our own? How can we travel around the world without losing our souls, but rather, discover ourselves as we discover the world, realizing that we lack an identity if forsaken by the world, though without us the world itself would become faceless?

This is, perhaps, the common cipher that unites personal destiny with the art of travel. I address others, my life, my work, my love, my world. And nothing permits me to think that these, my life’s truths, will come to me if I do not go toward them. (25)

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